“Europa is somewhere between a re-issue and a ‘best of’ with a few gems from ‘The Vault’. It’s a nice mix of the older satan catalogue and two new tracks, yet programmed to flow like an original record.

The tracks, ‘Who Is A Hunter?’ and ‘Cloaking’ were originally slated to be released as a 12″ in 2017, but never came to fruition. These tracks now make their debut on vinyl as originally intended with two previously unreleased tracks, ‘Vex’ and ‘Sunk’. These tracks were from older sessions that worriedaboutsatan refers to as ‘The Vault’, which is essentially a backlog of songs that were constructed and produced when the band was still a duo. The previously released track ‘Shift’ makes a special appearance on this release with a fresh remaster from Rafael Anton Irisarri, along with all other tracks appearing on Europa.”

Following on from the second ‘solo’ worriedaboutsatan album “Time Lapse” on n5MD, “Europa” is a look back into the long standing duo part of the project’s history. With five tracks clocking in at forty-nine minutes, you know you are in for an immersive listen and Miller and Ragsdale don’t disappoint. “Shift” is the only previously physically released track which came out as one side of the 12″ of the same name on Wolves And Vibrancy while the aforementioned physically unreleased 12″ tracks “Who Is A Hunter?” and “Cloaking” had a digital existence. What the album shows is how good the material that managed to garner releases was, as the tracks here would be a walk in on most peoples albums.

“Europa” shows the (late) duo’s versatility with their material. The pieces range from more introspective guitar and synth flirtations through to more dubbier beat driven slices of techno dripping with melody and lush ambience, while also venturing into darker retro territories. The strength of the material is that even though tracks explore different styles, it is all within the umbrella of music that worriedaboutsatan create. In some way you can look at this as a sampler of their works, as If you venture deeper into their catalogue (may I suggest buying their digital discography on a Bandcamp Friday) the styles on this album are seen throughout their broad background, but also highlight just some of their material.

One thing that stands out to me if the comfortable nature that Ragsdale and Miller exude whether they are pursuing the more dance floor orientated sound like on “Who Is A Hunter” or the darker, retro synth tones of “Vex” or “Shift”. It is quite easy for artists to get too comfortable in a particular style and it leaves the music with a tunnelled vision. In a wise decision you can see the thought put into the selection of the pieces. It feels both s aa representation of the duo’s sounds and possibly a full stop to that point of the bands existence. Since Ragsdale left for a solo career, Miller has steered the name through two releases for n5MD and Sound In Silence that have moved ever so slightly away from the rhythmic touches of “Who Is Hunter? but still show life in the ‘satan camp.

“Europa” is available on limited Transparent Ice Vinyl (200 copies) and Digital and is a great overview and introduction to worriedaboutsatan.

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