Two favourites have announced albums for the new year. Brock Van Wey aka bvdub returns to n5MD for “Explosions in Slow Motion” due out on on Freruary 22, is his first since his self released insomnia influenced “Nights of Nine Vigils”, while Bruno Sanfilippo releases “Pianette” on Januray 1st following on from his “inTRO Remastered & Expanded” album released back in September.



The label have this to say: “”Explosions in Slow Motion” is the new album from Brock Van Wey’s transcedent bvdub project. Van Wey’s previous n5MD album “Heartless” foumd him harnessing the turmoil around him to create something vast, emotive and brooding, yet somehow comforting, allowing you to cradle in it’s weight. Months after Heartless’ release Van Wey moved from his native California home to the chilling winter of Warsaw, Poland. A divergence. Alone against the icy cold, confined to the indoors in search of protection against the world outside, Van Wey channeled, as he always does, his surroundings as they coalesced with his self-imposed aberration. The outcome of this move and period of near-total isolation is “Explosions in Slow  Motion”. Featuring four long-form songs accompanied with four ember vignettes, “Explosions in Slow Motion” is quite possibly Van Wey’s most mournfully isolated work in his massive discography to date.. Filled with swelling arcs of spectres from the past appearing then slowly drift away. Foggy memories of friends, loved ones,  and even adversaries seem to achingly sweep across Explosions in Slow Motion’s eighty-minute run time. There is a forlorn thread of shrouded nostalgia throughout the album which by album’s end leads to catharsis, acceptance and finality of progression. “Explosions in Slow Motion” is out on February 22 on limited edition transparent yellow vinyl, white with green and black splatter vinyl, digipak compact disc and digital.”




Pre-order is now available for “Pianette” an album that “consists of a collection of solo piano compositions inspired by dreams and the bucolic fantasy of mechanical toys, the dolls, the essence of the circus and the puppets.”

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